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For all our retraining courses we have accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Start doing what you enjoy.

Sign up for a retraining course and change your professional life and future.

Educational facility Ivana Košařová holds accreditation of the Ministry of Education for retraining courses in the following fields: Hairdressing and Hairdressing, Cosmetic, Manicure and Nail Designer, Pedicure and Nail Designer, Visagist. Thanks to this accreditation, you will receive, after successful completion of retraining, a certificate of national validity.

Re-qualification courses are taught either daily (after-Friday) or weekend (so-called) form.
With more than 18 years of experience with retraining, we know that acquiring basic practical skills and approaches is only possible with the individual care of experienced lecturers. Courses are therefore limited in capacity and courses are taught by experienced teachers in the field. Ideal accessibility. Only 270 meters from the metro station C station Kačerov. Immediately around the corner of the retraining center is parking.

Recruiting can also be used by people registered with the Labor Office. The “I” Center has long been working with the Labor Offices. Many labor offices pay people registered with them, retraining in full. Under current legislation, a person registered with a labor office to whom a retraining is offered can choose a retraining facility. Forms for employment offices are available and we will be happy to advise you on filling in.

Newly offered

The possibility of increasing your qualification and passing the final exam of the following professional qualifications:

Cosmetic Code 69-030-M
Viewfinder Code 69-035-M
Pedicure and nail designer code 69-025-H
Manicure and nail designer code 69-024-H

Upon successful completion of this examination before an authorized person you have the possibility to obtain a “Certificate of Professional Qualification”, pursuant to Section 18 of Act No. 179/2006 Coll., On Certification and Recognition of Further Education Education on Amendments to Certain Laws (Law on Recognition of Further Education Outcomes) Act No. 53/2012 Coll.

The following can be entered for this final exam:
– he has completed a retraining course anywhere in the Czech Republic
– For a longer period of time it is engaged in activities in this field and wants to obtain a certificate of performing the chosen profession.

We can also allow you to obtain a trade license without a responsible representative
(Guarantor) and annual practice.

Ivana Košařová enjoys cooperation with You ...