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What are retraining?

Retraining is the acquisition of new expertise or the extension of the current expertise of a job seeker or a person interested in issuing a trade certificate. The content and scope of the retraining must correspond to the accreditation approved by the Ministry of Education for the given discipline. The following factors are taken into account in order to include the candidate in the course: the achieved education, health status, or other requirements resulting from the accreditation for the given discipline. The retraining will take place on the basis of an agreement between the applicant for retraining and the retraining center. Another possibility for realization is the agreement between the labor office, the applicant for retraining, which is in the register of the labor office and the retraining center. The re-qualification course is completed by an examination before the Examining Board. In most courses, the exam consists of a practical part and a theoretical part. Only educational establishments accredited by the Ministry of Education may issue national certificates. On the basis of this certificate, successful graduates can subsequently apply for the issue of a trade certificate (in some fields, it is required to issue a trade certificate or a guarantor). The length of the retraining course is based on accreditation and depends on the education of the candidates. In many fields, retraining is only available to candidates with at least secondary education. For applicants with basic education, a double length of the retraining course is required in some disciplines (the price of course is higher in these cases than for retraining with a standard length of course).

Retraining and Labor Offices or what is good to know when you are registered with the Labor Office

If the employment office will include you in the register of applicants for retraining courses, you may pay the relevant costs for the course fee if you are approved. In some cases, the Labor Office may provide a contribution to participants in retraining courses for the reimbursement of proven necessary costs related to retraining (eg travel). Retraining courses are provided by the competent employment office according to the place of residence of the job seeker or the person seeking employment. We have all the forms available for the employment office and we will be happy to assist you with filling in.

At present, it is possible for people registered at the employment office to choose an accredited educational establishment in which they want to graduate.

Some labor offices even provide a financial contribution to starting a business.
The Labor Office consistently monitors retraining courses. If a retraining course participant fails to comply with the terms and conditions, he / she must pay for the retraining course himself. It also runs the risk that it will be excluded from the course, and will also be dropped from the labor office’s record, thereby losing all the support.